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Who we are

Point Renovators is a team of experienced professionals doing high-end renovations in the Greater Vancouver area. Collectively we pursue excellence on site and in the office; however, it wasn't always that way. The concept for a different kind of construction company began after company owner Reuben Takenaka spent nearly a decade of working on extensive residential and commercial construction projects. Seeing a lack of quality and organization in the industry, he began asking himself, "why can't construction companies operate with the level of service and organization we expect from an Uber or Airbnb"? He listened to his clients and trades and began assembling the modern-day construction company; one that put quality first. Quality to us means excellent workmanship, secure scheduling, accurate budgets, and clear communication with our clients. Fast forward to today, we continue to listen, problem solve, and fine tune our approach to every aspect of a construction project, from initial planning to the final touches. We enable our clients to renovate with excellence.

Modern Kitchen

Our Core Values

At every step, we ensure success by building according to these foundational principles


Without clarity, can anything be done effectively? To us, clarity means great communication with you and our trade partners. We ensure every project's success by starting with clarity on your vision and what is important to you. We then ensure you have clarity from us on every aspect throughout your project, from budgeting and scheduling to functionality and workmanship.

Carpentry Work


We stand behind our work. By using our years of expertise and partnering with other industry professionals, we ensure that our high standards for quality are met. Many years in the future, we want to be proud of the work done and witness you enjoying the perfect space.

Carpentry Class


Success goes far beyond profits. In fact, we believe true success is rooted in impact. Point Renovators builds a strong community for our employees, trades, and subcontractors by sharing fair business practices, industry training, and investment opportunities. We also are committed to donating a percentage of all proceeds to at risk groups and affordable housing initiatives.

Elevate your everyday space.

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